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Ripley-Grier Studios is proud to announce Theatre Group Dzieci as our new and first-ever Theatre-in-Residence. We are extremely excited to be continuing and strengthening our relationship with Dzieci, who we have supported for the past four years.

Dzieci (djyeh-chee) is an international experimental theatre ensemble dedicated to a search for the "sacred" through the medium of theatre. Dzieci is devoted not only to the artistic process but in serving the community as well. The ensemble balances its work on performance, with work of service through creative and therapeutic interaction with patients in a variety of institutional settings.

Dzieci believes that by helping others, a profound healing effect is generated that not only serves the patient, but also strengthens the ensembles work.

Note: "dzieci" is the Polish word for "children".

For more information on Theatre Group Dzieci, please visit their website at www.dziecitheatre.org.

New York Magazine just placed Theatre Group Dzieci's Fool's Mass on the MUST-SEE LIST for the 2006 NEW YORK CLOWN THEATRE FESTIVAL.
Check out the link:
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