In 1982 a young man named Shane “Butch” Grier saddled up his motorcycle, cleared his bank account (Two hundred dollars in cold hard American cash), and drove 1,563 miles from Tulsa, OK. to the Big Apple to pursue the stunt end of the film and TV business. During the 70’s Butch travelled with the Tournament of Thrills Mustang Auto Daredevils and the Superstar Auto Thrill Shows. During the peace and love of the 70’s Butch found he loved the peace that came to him while coming within inches of his life on a daily basis. During these years he perfected the Slide-For-Life, The T-Bone, Hell Driving (Precision driving to us common folk), Roll-Over, and specialized in the Dive Bomber. Butch was fortunate enough to find office space on the upper west side of Manhattan and with the help of Christopher Antonucci and Ray Abbott, Butch was able to start The United Stuntmen’s Association. So for over 26 years now U.S.A. has worked mostly as a free referral service for producers, directors, and union stunt performers.


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